What we do

At Processual, we capture your work with a focus on specificity and simplicity. That includes your working processes, the spaces you work in, as well as the prototypes and products your teams come up with.

an issue

We have all seen it before: the deadline is looming and your creative team is resorting to purchasing sort-of-authentic-but-not-quite-right stock photography for your marketing materials.

This is where we come in
with bespoke capture & editing services.


Stock photographs are often far too generic by nature, and do not represent what your company does or what your company looks like at all. We believe that photography used in marketing materials should be simple and uncomplicated, but very specific.

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Processual is run by visual creator Christian Schmeer.
Coming from a background in visual communication, his approach to image creation and refinement is meticulous.
If you are interested in working with us, drop us a line.